New Alliance Audio is known for its great-sounding recordings at an unbeatable price. We have a great acoustic space that allows us to cater to all genres, and allows us to make great sounding records, effortlessly. With the recent growth of home recording we have greatly expanded our platform as to what is done here, and there are several options available.

  • The Whole Shebang

    This is what we do best—we record, edit, produce, and mix all of your songs start to finish. We get very invested in the work we do and are very proud of it. Let our expertise streamline the process and let you focus on the only thing that you should be thinking about, the performance.

  • Recording

    We have, on multiple occasions, recorded complete records, and had someone else mix them. Whether you are hiring some big guns, or doing it at home, this is always a great option. There are multiple approaches to this: We record the whole record start to finish; we record just basics, drums bass, guitar, etc; we record just drums, or just vocals, or just about anything. If you need something to sound better than you can handle, that’s what we do, and we can probably do it on compatible software that you are running at your home studio.

  • Mixing

    Whether recorded at a home studio or at a professional studio, you may want someone else’s ears you can trust. We make great sounding mixes here, so if your mix needs that shimmer, or that raw feel and you need someone to make that happen that you can trust, we can help you out.

  • Producing

    When making a record, it is helpful to have a set of ears listening and thinking about guitar tones for parts, harmonies, and even song structure. As an engineer, we all have to wear those hats sometimes, and we all tend to do it, in some capacity, during every session. All of out engineers are available for producing, so if you want to hire them and have them engineer and produce, as most do, or just hire two separate people, one to engineer, one to produce, we do that too.

  • Mastering

    We send all of our masters to our sister company, New Alliance East. They are a separate business and handle all of their own bookings, so if you are looking for mastering, please visit their website and contact them directly, we highly recommend them.